LEED + Green Building Credits

TWI is committed to sustainability and green building. Steel is the most recycled material in America (each year more tonnage of steel is recycled than all aluminum, glass, paper and plastic combined).

In addition to a variety of steel fabrication services for the solar industry, TWI’s steel can provide numerous LEED friendly solutions for your project. The following are some of the possible LEED credit areas that can be obtained through the use of TWI's fabricated steel on your building project (totaling up to 17 possible LEED credits):

Steel Recycling Institute

For more information please visit the following websites from the US Green Building Council, and the Steel Recycling Institute, and Modern Steel Construction:

Designing for Sustainability with Steel

U.S. Green Building Council

Designing for Sustainability (by the AISC)

Steel Takes LEED® with Recycled Content (by the AISC)

Steel Recycling Institute

Modern Steel Construction, May, 2003 (PDF)

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